Jamie Sussel Turner, the Less Stress Coach, is a professional coach, speaker and award-winning author of Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees.

She has over a decade of speaking and facilitating innovative workshops including delivering a keynote address for the American Lung Association, being featured in top media outlets including The New York Times, being a nominee for the ATHENA Leadership Award, and serving as a speaker curator for TEDxAsburyPark, the largest TEDx on the east coast.

Before becoming a professional coach, Jamie had a successful 37-year career in education, including 12 years as a school principal, during which time her articles about leadership and communication frequently appeared in national education journals.  When Jamie first began as a coach, she was struck by how similar her clients’ stress was to her own when she had been a principal—struggles such as delegating, having difficult conversations, and being open to feedback. Her experiences in a demanding job and being successfully treated for cancer during that time, inform her work as a coach, from her deep understanding of the issues her clients face to her skill at uncovering the places in which stress is hiding.

Jamie helps her clients to master new tools in areas such as hiring, feedback, team-building, delegation, and confronting dysfunction, empirically reducing their stress by up to 75%.  She creates a safe space to open up, explore, and consider new options, creating an upward spiral of confidence, positivity, and success. While her style is embracing and generous, Jamie also challenges individual clients and audiences to master the human side of leadership and of life.

She earned dual Master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Elementary Education, and is a credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Coaching for Results Global, Inc., The Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence©, and a certified facilitator of Fierce Conversations©.

Based in Sea Bright, New Jersey, Jamie is grateful for her nightly sunset views over the water at the Jersey Shore, and where she is passionate about working out, reading, travel, and dark chocolate.

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Along my path from educator to professional coach…
and some life lessons in between.

  • I’m the oldest of three daughters so I’VE LEARNED to adjust my natural take-charge tendencies to be inclusive and collaborative.
  • I was raised in a home with fiercely direct communication so I’VE LEARNED to be thoughtful in choosing when to speak up and how to speak from my heart without blame or shame.
  • I desperately wanted to be a cheerleader and tried out four times (yes, four!) before making my dream come true so I’VE LEARNED to persevere in the face of obstacles.
  • I was divorced after a long marriage and then single for five years before remarrying so I’VE LEARNED how to regain trust and find love again, after mustering the courage to initiate a conversation with my husband in an elevator.
  • I’ve been a woman in this perfectionistic body-image culture so I’VE LEARNED to accept my body as it is and choose a healthy lifestyle with lots of movement and good food.
  • I raised two incredible sons so I’VE LEARNED how to be firm and loving in the proportion they each need, and maintained clarity about my role as a mom (without under or over-parenting). 
  • I’ve been a teacher and school principal so I’VE LEARNED to manage my time and emotions while opening myself to feedback without taking things personally.
  • I cried in my car after leading my first workshop thinking I failed miserably, and grew to deliver major talks and a keynote address so I’VE LEARNED to be courageous and stand before an audience when I feel I have something of value to share.
  • I’ve been a workaholic and stressed-out school principal so I’VE LEARNED what contributes to my stress and how to cultivate a calm interior with the “just right” amount of work so that I have time to play.
  • I’ve been treated for cancer three times so I’VE LEARNED how to live each day with gratitude and compassion for the struggles of others.

My life lessons and learning, combined with my professional training, have taught me who I am and have prepared me to bring out the best, less-stressed version of you!

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