Less Stress Business

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“The secret sauce for managers… If you’re a manager, don’t miss reading this book!”

– Phyllis Campagna, Coach

“A must read for managers and employees alike. Jamie’s knowledge, voice, warm personality, and empathy for business leaders and employees in conflict shine on every page.”

-Helen Zax, Author

“Couldn’t put it down!

I highly recommend this to any business owner or manager who wants to have less stress in their business and make their staff and team work like a well-oiled machine!”

-Jessica L. Rhodes, CEO and Founder
of Interview Connections

“Communicating clearly with those around you at work AND in everyday life, is the key to success. I like the way the reader is walked through examples of difficult work situations, and then coached with an explanation of how best to work through them and come out the other end in an even better work environment.”

Nancy Aufiero, Yoga Teacher


“It’s obvious that Sussel Turner is a teacher at heart! And although her context is the workplace, these skills and lessons translate to many different kinds of relationships. Who knew that stress could be so manageable?!”

Dr. Mary Fleck, Retired School Principal and Education Consultant


“I put this book in the same value as the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I would recommend this book for every business person who wants to improve their bottom line and at the same time reduce the stress in their life.”

Stephen Jadge, CEO


“I wish that I had read it 40 years ago when I began my career. I plan to use many of the practical strategies as I ‘manage’ my relationships with friends and family, and plan to send copies to my younger colleagues who are still struggling with stress in their leadership positions. I know it will be the best gift they ever receive!”

Dr. Julie Botel, Former Deputy Superintendent

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