It’s about YOU.

I want to get to know you, learn what you want, and work together to uncover what is getting in your way. My coaching doesn’t follow a formula since each client is unique. I work with you around your schedule and location, coaching clients in my Sea Bright, NJ home office, on the phone, or via Skype. I even do walking coaching sessions on the beach (just across the street).

It’s about FIT.

Since successful coaching comes from having the right fit between client and coach, I offer a complimentary session as our starting point. There’s no obligation and I’m happy to take time to help us both learn if we feel we’ll work well together. We’ll discuss the particulars such as pricing and scheduling at this time.


As a certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, I have a powerful assessment tool to help you understand your strengths, areas for growth and triggers so you can better manage your emotions. This also helps us generate coaching goals which guide our time together. My training and extensive experience also plays a key role in bringing out the best in you.

It’s about ACTION.

Coaching isn’t just talk – it’s action. You’ll leave with commitments and action items that will lead to great accomplishments and deep understanding. Oh, and I’ll help you stick to your commitments and follow through on what matters most.

It’s about RESULTS.

There’s something special about our coaching relationship that leads to results with deep and lasting change – something a one-off workshop rarely accomplishes. I assess your stress at the start of coaching and then about every three months. My clients shift their mindset about stress and as they gain new skills they reduce their stress by about 75%.

To schedule your one–time complimentary 30–minute coaching session please contact Jamie at:

Office: 732.741.6845

Cell: 908.377.9951

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